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Product Feature / Texas Handmade Suds

I want to let you in on a bit of a secret. Comanche County has one of the best beauty products available this side of the Mississippi, and it only costs $4.50.  It comes in the form of goat’s milk soap and it is available at the Comanche Mercantile and the Comanche Farmers Market.  These soaps … Continue reading Product Feature / Texas Handmade Suds


Leader Feature/Chris Pounds

By: Sarah Childers Here at, we are continuing our series of what we are calling “Leader Features.” This is the third community leader feature encompassing as to what makes Comanche County, Texas so special to them. The first of the series was from the Mayor of Comanche, Texas, Mary Boyd. The second of the … Continue reading Leader Feature/Chris Pounds

Leader Feature / Mark McDonald

By: Sarah Childers Here at, we have begun the process of interviewing leaders within the county, to explore their views on what they feel makes Comanche County, Texas so special. Our first article in this series was from the Mayor of Comanche, Texas, Mary A. Boyd.   This article is the second in the … Continue reading Leader Feature / Mark McDonald

Leader Feature/ Mary A. Boyd

Comanche, Texas…. Why I Call It Home By: Mary A. Boyd, Mayor – City of Comanche, TX I want to share a bit of background information about myself before I tell you all about Comanche, Texas.  Please be aware that I was raised in San Antonio, moved to Austin in 1973 and lived there until … Continue reading Leader Feature/ Mary A. Boyd

Lisa’s Coffeehouse

By: Sarah Childers Have you ever been to a place that made you feel like the only person in the world, but in a good way? A place that entices your senses in the form of smells and sounds? Such as the creaking of a hardwood floor or the smell of food cooking that contains … Continue reading Lisa’s Coffeehouse

Artist Feature/Brittany Kelly

By: Sierra Dyson Brittany Kelly is water color artist from De Leon, Texas. She uses watercolors, ink, alcohol ink, acrylics, and draws with colored pencils in order to design and bring her artistic visions to life. She finds inspiration to create her works in the world around her as well as pulling it from her … Continue reading Artist Feature/Brittany Kelly

Artist Feature/Kaci Sellers

Kaci Sellers is a local painter, photographer, and philanthropist from Gorman, Texas. She is a married mother of four and a huge community advocate. Her passion in life is to help people and animals by any means possible. In order to serve her community and the people that live there Kaci volunteers on multiple committees … Continue reading Artist Feature/Kaci Sellers

Artist Feature/Ce Ce Ochs

By: Sierra Dyson CeCe Ochs is a jewelry maker in comanche county, Texas. She grew up near Palo Duro Canyon outside of Amarillo. She loved spending time outdoors and looking at everything God has created. In fact, she was so inspired by the beauty of what she saw that she decided she wanted to be … Continue reading Artist Feature/Ce Ce Ochs

Artist Feature/ Carla Landreth

By: Sierra Dyson Author and filmmaker Carla Landreth is a native of De Leon, Texas which is located in Comanche County. Landreth began writing at a very young age. In high school, she won a contest for creating a commercial jingle. By the time she graduated DeLeon High School, Landreth was a published author winning … Continue reading Artist Feature/ Carla Landreth

Comanche County Pow Wow

By: Brandon Mangan If you live anywhere near Comanche County, you’ve probably heard about the annual Pow Wow. You’ve likely attended it and come away better for it. You’re likely going to be going again this year (for good reason). If you haven’t been, this article is for you. I’m going to tell you and … Continue reading Comanche County Pow Wow