Horner BarberShop/DeLeon, Texas

By: Sierra Dyson

Horner Barbershop, owned and operated by barber Matt Horner, is an old fashioned hair establishment straight out of the past, that just recently opened last November in De Leon, Texas. Open on Mondays and Fridays from 10 AM to 6 PM, Horner Barbershop boasts a large array of services which include haircuts, shaves, and flattops for only $12 each.

Gentleman, this establishment is the place to go for all of your hair care needs. They even have a beard and hair care bundle for just $20 and also offer $2 shoeshines provided by Mr. Horner’s elementary school son.

The services offered here are definitely a lost artform from a long time ago.

What makes this place so unique is that Mr. Horner delivers his shaves using old fashioned straight razors instead of electric razors and also makes use of hot towels. There are not very many barbershops that utilize these methods anymore. In addition, he uses compressed air to blow off the cut hair and then vacuums it up with a hair vacuum in order to have a cleaner and more efficient haircut experience unlike what you would receive from a chain owned establishment.

Furthermore, Mr. Horner takes pride in every product he endorses, therefore, he hand tests every soap, shampoo, conditioner, aftershave, or any other product he sells, before he puts it on the shelf in order to make sure it is up to his standards. 

Matt Horner shaving Jerry Leonard
Photo By Sierra Dyson

When asked how he got into the barbershop business, Mr. Horner replied,

“My Great Grandpa was a barber, my Grandma was a hairstylist, and then my cousin, brother, and I all own our own barber shops, so I guess cutting hair just runs in my family. I remember growing up going to barber shops with my dad, and I always loved the social atmosphere they had. So, I decided that I wanted to do that too. I love joking around with guys and talking about sports, politics, or anything of that nature with them while I am cutting their hair or giving them a shave.”

Matt Horner posing with his Barber Chair
Photo by Sierra Dyson

With that being said, Mr. Horner grew up in Stephenville, Texas and earned his cosmetology license. From there he opened up his own barbershop in Cisco, Texas where he has been cutting hair and giving shaves for the last ten years until he decided to move to De Leon with his wife, Sarah, and their children. From there he decided to purchase and remodel the building located at 149 N Texas St in order to open Horner Barbershop. A fun fact very few know about is that the building he resides in, still has the names of previous patrons carved in the wall throughout the 50s, 60s, and 70s. Mr. Horner preserved these items in order to,

“Promote multigenerational manhood and create an atmosphere where young boys can listen to old men talk about their experiences in Vietnam or what life was like growing up when they were little.” 

Names of customers throughout history carved into the wall of the barbershop in the back room.
Photo By Sierra Dyson

Moreover, in order to add to the lighthearted and social fun of visiting his barbershop, Mr. Horner has come up with a game for all of his younger customers to play. Every child that receives a haircut from him has the opportunity to throw a dart at a dartboard. If they hit the bullseye, they receive a free haircut and get to add their name on the wall of fame. So far only one customer has cashed in on that promise. Once everyone starts hitting the bullseye on a regular basis, however, Mr. Horner plans on installing a miniature basketball goal on the wall of his shop so that after he gives kids a haircut, he can spin them in his barber chair and then let them try and make a basket for a free haircut. 

The Famous Dart Board
Photo By Sierra Dyson

Mr. Horner has even more innovative ideas for the future of his barbershop.

Soon he plans on selling antique knives, hatchets, saws, and other products he thinks men would enjoy that they can’t find at the average store. Then, he eventually would like to expand and run a mobile barbershop that can travel from place to place. His dream is to have an on the go barbershop that can travel to nursing homes, veterans events, and other things of that nature in order to give back to the community in addition to running his brick and mortar establishment. He also has thrown around the idea of setting up a booth at local sporting events where he could color people’s hair to show their school spirit. 

By opening this establishment, he really is bringing life and nostalgic fun into the town of De Leon and the surrounding area by offering men a unique place to hang out, get their hair or beard fixed, and show support for the community as a whole. 

Horner Barbershop Sign
Photo By Sierra Dyson

In conclusion, Horner Barbershop is a one of a kind venue where men of all ages can come to get a haircut, shave, shoeshine, or just to hang out and swap stories while playing a round of darts.

This is also the perfect place for you to hide….I mean, relax, while your wife does a bit of shopping.

So, the next time you are in De Leon, stop on by and check out Matt Horner’s old fashioned barbershop for yourself and see everything this business has to offer. Your kids could even walk away with a free haircut if they are up to the challenge. 

For more information, call 254-631-9288 or visit https://www.facebook.com/ComancheCountyBarber/

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