Leader Feature/ Mary A. Boyd

Comanche, Texas…. Why I Call It Home

By: Mary A. Boyd, Mayor – City of Comanche, TX

I want to share a bit of background information about myself before I tell you all about Comanche, Texas.  Please be aware that I was raised in San Antonio, moved to Austin in 1973 and lived there until 1998 when we moved to Comanche.  My late husband said he spent most of his childhood trying to figure out how to get out of Comanche and then spent his entire adult career trying to get back. 

I’m also a corporate executive for a technology company, and yes, you can live in a three light town with a home office thanks to Totelcom and broadband fiber service to the curb!  

Comanche has so many reasons as to why I live here, and I would not move back to the city if given the chance.  I have chose to make this my home due to the following reasons:

PEOPLE – My grandchildren are 6th generation Texans. Comanche is abundantly filled with history, people with strong roots to this community, and individuals that care about our neighbors.  It’s a great place for my grandkids to grow up! Our citizens also have a strong commitment to God, Family, and Country. When bad things happen… this county steps up to fill in the void, as recently demonstrated in a major water line break that resulted in most of the town closing down.  As Mayor of Comanche we couldn’t have asked for better support from the County, the Cities, and the People in that time of need. 

LOCATION – As they say in the real estate business, location, location, location.  We are far enough away from the metropolitan areas to not live in a rat race, and close enough to get to a rat race if you think you need a reminder of why we live in rural Texas.  

COMMUNITY –  We have so many activities and events to offer people who live in Comanche.  If you want to take part in everything from running in a 5K to viewing the Courthouse Square at Christmas, Comanche is just the place to be.  We have regular market day activities, wonderful retail shops, and antique stories. We also have many great restaurants, wineries, and a family friendly beer venue with live music every weekend. 

SERVANTS HEARTS – We have many non-profits who help our community out.  Being rural, we don’t always have the government funds to support some of the projects we would like to accomplish.  That’s why our volunteers with servant’s hearts are all around us and very important to the community. You will find volunteer organizations working on revitalization projects, staffing a non-profit Soda Shop, refurbishing homes for low-income families, fighting fires, and feeding people. We also have a program operating within our Animal Shelter to “feed the paws.” This program is for our low income citizens, who own a pet, and need a little help with feeding their pet.  

So why do I love and want to live in Comanche?  The above is just a very small sampling of why I live here, and I have no plans of moving back to the City! 

God Bless!

Mary A. Boyd

Mayor of Comanche, Texas