Lisa’s Coffeehouse

By: Sarah Childers

Have you ever been to a place that made you feel like the only person in the world, but in a good way? A place that entices your senses in the form of smells and sounds? Such as the creaking of a hardwood floor or the smell of food cooking that contains a bit of love as an ingredient?  I just came from a place like that. It is called Lisa’s Coffeehouse in De Leon, Texas, and I am completely smitten with this business and its owner, Lisa Moore.

Maybe I am a bit partial because that same place happens to be my yoga getaway on Saturday mornings ( yep, yoga is offered there too.) It is a place where I have gathered my thoughts ( trust me when I say that it, in itself, is like lining up drunk squirrels) in the morning, basked in sunshine peeking through the windows, been given freshly brewed coffee, and then have been called a Goddess.

To my face. Can you believe that? 

I highly recommend a Saturday morning that includes coffee and being called a Goddess, if you have not tried it yet…..seriously. 


Lisa’s Coffeehouse is located at 166 N Texas St. if you are curious as to where to go for this type of treatment. It is open for breakfast and lunch and serves a whole variety of items such as breakfast sandwiches as big as your face, juicy burgers, and fresh berry salads. It also serves a wide array of gourmet coffee throughout the day. Hot or iced, depends on what your mood is. 

Interested yet? Perfect. 

You can visit her facebook page HERE and take a look at a more thorough menu, check out business hours, or find the phone number for the place. If you are running short on time, by all means, call ahead and go pick it up. She will deliver it out the side door for you. 

However, I also want you to know that amazing food and a genuinely angelic owner is not all this place has going for it. 

This particular location has what natives call, “The Wall of Recall,” painted on the side of it. You really need to go check it out. 

The Wall of Recall is more than just a mural, it is a representative of De Leon, Texas. The Wall has been recognized in multiple articles by travel organizations from all over the state. Another historical aspect is the ceiling inside the building. It is made from the metal that used to be the old De Leon Airport hangers. The inside walls are also adorned with pictures from De Leon’s past covering all parts of life. 

It’s just a cool place to experience and I don’t know about you, but I welcome that as much as I can these days. 

So, If you are looking for somewhere to go to see some history and get called sweet names, stop by Lisa’s Coffeehouse, order a burger, and take it all in.

By the way, mention this website and you will get 10% off your purchase.

PS- Feel free to scamper across the street to check out the gothic art display at The Gallery Bar as well.