Artist Feature/Kaci Sellers

By: Sierra Dyson

Kaci Sellers is a local painter, photographer, and philanthropist from Gorman, Texas. She is a married mother of four and a huge community advocate. Her passion in life is to help people and animals by any means possible. In order to serve her community and the people that live there Kaci volunteers on multiple committees and boards in Gorman, however, her main focus is on her charity, All For One. 

All For One’s main goal is to raise money to help families in crisis get back on their feet through online silent auctions and other local fundraisers. Additionally, they hand out Thanksgiving boxes to those in need as well as host Christmas present drives. Furthermore, they have recently started another outreach program that raises money to buy children school supplies. Their goal is to raise enough money to provide the entire Gorman Elementary school with the supplies they need to start the year off right.

When not working on her charity, Kaci uses painting and photography as a way to wind down. She is an acrylic finger painter who creates most of her work with her hands.

Murals are her specialty, however, she also paints on canvases, creates pictures using bottle caps, and takes photos.

Her inspiration for her work, and life, in general, comes from animals and children. Her favorite creation to date is the Underwater Mural she painted on the wall in her children’s bedroom.

Artistically in the future, Kaci hopes to have a couple of art shows under her belt, an after school art program for children in Gorman started, and commission a large mural on a local building. She is always looking for new challenges and hopes to master several new forms of art as well. If you are interested in learning more about Kaci, her charity All for One, or purchasing any of her artwork then you can contact Kaci at Kaci Sellers On Facebook, by her phone number 254-734-5414, or by email at