Artist Feature/ Carla Landreth

By: Sierra Dyson

Author and filmmaker Carla Landreth is a native of De Leon, Texas which is located in Comanche County. Landreth began writing at a very young age. In high school, she won a contest for creating a commercial jingle. By the time she graduated DeLeon High School, Landreth was a published author winning short story contests and poetry contest all over. After high school, Landreth studied the short story and novel writing through Writer’s Digest School. Her mentors were William G. Tapply (Brady Coyne Series) and Michael Garrett (Hot Blood Series). Additionally, Landreth has also won awards through Edie Lou Cole Foundation and the World of Poetry. Her works appeared in several Sparrow Grass Press books and International Poetry Books.

Her first novel, A Dark Night in Texas was published in 2002. Furthermore, her daughter and her began the community theater, Purple Lilly Theater, in 2002 where Landreth wrote her own scripts. In 2011, she met Ted Alderman, a stunt man in the film industry. He suggested she write a web series, however it wasn’t until 2012 at a charity event when she met Larry Hagman (JR Ewing of Dallas series) that she got the idea for what her series would be about. Hagman, who found her small-town charm entertaining, suggested she should write about her small-town life in a web series. From that came Texas Cousins, which just so happens to be her favorite piece of work due to the amount of work it took to create it. For example, Landreth endured long hours, snippy actors, budget problems, editing issues, the list goes on, in order to complete her idea. However, she claims that it is all worth it to see her vision come to life before her eyes. A highly popular web series, Texas Cousins is about middle age cousins living in a small town.

The web series debuted in May of 2013. Around that same time period Landreth was also pitching her book, Silk Stocking Road to film executives from HBO, NBC, and CBS, which landed her an optioning contract. That same year she began her production company, Crazy Flamingo Productions

Today, Carla Landreth stays busy with her writing, working on the web series, films and recently began touring. Additionally, she has started filming a Halloween movie, Black Magic and Moon Pies and the Christmas movie, It’s on The List, is fixing to be released. When asked about where she sees herself within the next five years Landreth replied,

“I’ve been asked that in the past. The answer is short. I don’t know. We have roads and doors in our lives that open, close, and crumble. A chance meeting for me changed a course. I know I plan to continue my writing and filming. I have always told my kids. Travel the road in front of you and hopefully, it’s a grand journey to the end. Of course, I scream, “Plot twist!” when things do change. I never set myself up to say in such and such years I’m doing this.” 

With that being said, if you want to check out any of Carla Landreth’s work for yourself or learn more about her and everything she has created then feel free to follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Authors Den, Goodreads, YouTube, and IMDB. Her website is, Texas Cousins has its own Facebook page/ IMDB, and Crazy Flamingo Productions is on Facebook as well. You can purchase her books A Dark Night in Texas (2002), A Politician’s Sin (2003), My Sin (2004), Silk Stocking Road (2006), Devil’s Concubine (2012), and Peridot (2017) at any online store and her film is on Amazon.