Comanche County Pow Wow

By: Brandon Mangan

If you live anywhere near Comanche County, you’ve probably heard about the annual Pow Wow. You’ve likely attended it and come away better for it. You’re likely going to be going again this year (for good reason). If you haven’t been, this article is for you. I’m going to tell you and show you a few of the many reasons you should make your way to Comanche, Texas for the last weekend of September.

The Comanche County Pow Wow is a weekend event held at the Comanche City Park, now going on it’s 38th year, and is hosted by The Comanche Chamber of Commerce and Agriculture. The vivid and colorful figures you see in the photo above are members of a performing group from Uvalde known as the Sahawe Indian Dancers. The group was founded in 1950 and has performed in over 200 cities across Texas.

The group reenacts traditional native ceremonial dance to the beat of leather drums. These young men and women move with a purpose that makes evident the time and passion they have invested in the show. 

You’ll find yourself captivated by the rhythm and movement. If this was the only event held at the Pow Wow, it’d be reason enough to get yourself there, but it’s not.

There’s so much more……..

Do you enjoy checking out classic cars? Custom trucks and cycles? Vintage tractors? If so, you’ll be in luck at the Pow Wow. I don’t want to spoil it, so just take my word that some sweet rides make their way there each year.

While walking around all of these fine examples of machinery your nose might pick up something that tells you that you’re suddenly very, very hungry. It’d be forgiven. Not far from this car show there’s a state sanctioned BBQ cook off and the smell permeates the grounds. Not far from the pits there’s one food vendor after another, with everything from street tacos to turkey legs. So,bring your appetite. 

Have you ever seen a cannon fire? Have you ever waited with ever growing anticipation and suspense as a fuse slowly makes its way to a historical weapon of war? No?

Well you’ll find that at the Pow Wow. If you watch closely you’ll see the wadding fly. I’ll give you a preview.

Also, did I mention there are camels? Because there are definitely camels.

The camels can be ridden, which everyone deserves to do at least once in their life. They come from the Texas Camel Corps, a group whose mission is to educate about the camels role in the expansion of the west. Alongside the camels you’ll see the Chuckwagon, with a group of folks sporting pioneering duds from times long past. They’re with the Fort Griffin Living Historians, who give a living example of the way things were done back then.

Pardon them for partaking in modern conveniences.

There’s live music galore at this Pow Wow, and you can dance if you want to. You can leave your friends behind, but if you do, you won’t be able to climb into an inflatable ball and run into them.

There’s activities galore for kids and adults alike at the Pow Wow. There’s not a more family friendly event to be found. There’s also an art and photography exhibit with hundreds of entries, many of which are for sale. There’s bounce houses and wildlife exhibits, including an exhibit on reptiles from the people of Gator Country, traveling all the way from Beaumont. You might’ve seen them on CMT, or the Discovery Channel. The folks from Gator Country educate and bring living specimens for us see and learn from. There will be a wading pool for you to interact with the smaller gators. You can get to know them a bit more in the video below.

This year’s event will be September 28th and 29th. Although this years schedule has yet to be released, most of the events take place on Saturday (BBQ, car shows, Sahawe dancers). You can keep up with further updates at Me and the camels hope to see you there!

PS- If you have a bit of time left after visiting the Comanche County Pow Wow on Saturday, feel free to travel a few miles up the Hwy to visit the Terrill Car Museum and the gothic art exhibit located inside the The Gallery Bar located in Downtown Deleon. Also, stop by to say hi at Shuga Pops and pick yourself up a sweet treat. Mention this website and receive a 10% discount off your purchase.