Artist Feature/Rick McNutt

By: Sierra Dyson

Rick McNutt, a resident of Comanche County, is an outstanding artist and woodworker who builds low-income housing for homeless birds.

He does not call them bird houses. Because, according to him, that is what old retired people do.  

He has lived in Comanche for about five years and is the 5th generation of his family, paternal and maternal, to call Comanche his home.  He started building birdhouses about a year ago as a hobby, making use of his father’s woodworking tools in his garage to create them. Currently, he has about seventeen completed ones in his collection. Not wanting to make “traditional style” birdhouses, Rick decided to design most of the birdhouses to look like buildings from an old western town. For example, he has made various saloons, hotels, jails, barns, and homestead themed houses for the birds to live in. He has also fashioned several of them in the image of bait shops, gas stations, and country stores. Every birdhouse is unique in its own way and no two are alike. Rick is also proud to say that he has figured out a way to engineer the front porches to light up thanks to strategically placed solar lighting. As of right now, he doesn’t sell them online, however, he did sell three of them as decorations for a BBQ restaurant in Corpus Christi upon request. The cost of his personalized birdhouses vary from $40-$75 due to size, materials used, how many bells and whistles he puts on them, and finally how long it would take him to make it. If anyone is interested in purchasing one of these creations, he can be reached through email at