NonProfit Feature/Comanche All Pets Alive

By: Sarah Childers

Our first nonprofit feature for the County is Comanche All Pets Alive, better known as CAPA. They are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit located in Comanche County, Texas.  Their primary goal is to help the homeless and shelter animals in the area find forever homes or rescues and when possible, to prevent animals from entering the shelter in the first place. They are made up of 7 members that volunteer countless hours and untold amounts of personal funds in order to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome unwanted animals in Comanche County, Texas. We want to add that they do an amazing job.

Their most recent rescue involved a dog who was recently abandoned. He was found chained up, dirty, dehydrated, and terrified. Luckily, this organization was able to intervene the day before a massive heatwave came into the area with temperatures reaching upwards of triple digits.

Sadly, this is a scenario that plays out in every part of the state with the testament of just about every shelter in the state being overrun this time of year.

On a brighter note, CAPA also utilizes their platform to reunite lost pets with owners, as well as provide freedom rides to various parts of the country where animals are able to find their forever homes. These animals get to experience the fortune of going to an area in the U.S. where there are actually waiting lists for adoptions.

CAPA will also admit that one of the best parts of animal rescue is to get pictures and updates from their adopters. Check out this spoiled rotten boy. This is Scruffy, aka George. He was dumped out in the country a year ago and just look at him now! We think he is quite content.

However, Dear Reader, they can really use your help in the form of a donation, foster, or adoption right now. Every donation is tax deductible and will go towards making this world a much better place to be in. Even if you don’t have funds to donate, you can give your time in the form of fostering an animal, or even giving one a forever home. To get involved feel free to contact with the methods listed below:

Donations can also be sent via PayPal to:



In addition, we here at want to remind everyone reading this article to SPAY OR NEUTER your animals.

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