What Do Citizens Love About Comanche County?

When prompted with the question “what makes Comanche County special to you?”, citizens are quick to answer-whether it be in a snippy comment or a heartfelt one.

Comanche County, in general, can be described as rural more than anything else, with not a lot of hustle and bustle unless you firmly plant your roots down and listen to the wind that might move you around. That wind being that life of Comanche County that most tend to gloss over.

If anything keeps this area lively, it’s the citizens. They’re eager to help one another out, and keep this train moving forward.

Yet, the excitement comes from its events. Whether it be the Comanche Pow-Wow, De Leon Peach and Melon Festival, or even the Comanche Farmer’s Market, you can definitely find a crowd there joyously celebrating. Don’t know what those are? Check them out on our Annual Events tab.

However, if you just want to kick back and enjoy the scenery, that’s okay too. Citizens claim that it’s honestly one of their favorite parts about Comanche County. With its sunsets, bluebonnets in the Spring and Summer, and frequently occasional wildlife spotting, who wouldn’t enjoy that?

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